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About Us

First thing first, who are we?

We are two dental colleagues, who look at dentistry in different ways. We know how tough, boring, and sometimes annoying dental studies can be, but what if we make it a fun activity for us?


A dental crossword puzzle is an entertaining and educational way to test your knowledge of dental terminology, procedures, and oral health concepts. It challenges you to solve word-based clues and fill in the corresponding answers within a grid, forming a cohesive dental-themed puzzle.

Solving a dental crossword puzzle can be beneficial in several ways. Firstly, it helps reinforce your understanding of dental terms and concepts by requiring you to recall and apply that knowledge. It can serve as a fun study tool for dental students or a refreshing activity for dental professionals seeking to expand their knowledge base.

Solving a dental crossword puzzle also promotes mental stimulation and cognitive function. It exercises your problem-solving skills, vocabulary, and memory retrieval, all while providing a unique and enjoyable experience.

Whether you’re a dental professional, student, or someone with an interest in oral health, tackling a dental crossword puzzle can be a fun and educational way to explore the world of dentistry. It combines learning with entertainment, making it an engaging activity for individuals of all ages.


Why Crossword


Scientists have said that regular crosswords and number puzzles are linked to a sharper brain in later life. It’s said that the more regularly people engage with puzzles such as crosswords and Sudoku, the sharper their performance is across a range of tasks assessing memory, attention, and reasoning. The improvements are particularly clear in the speed and accuracy of their performance. In some areas the improvement was quite dramatic — on measures of problem-solving, people who regularly do these puzzles performed equivalent to an average of eight years younger compared to those who don’t.

Our Mission


Our mission as a team creating dental crosswords is to provide a fun and engaging tool that helps educate and promote oral health to a wider audience. We aim to create crossword puzzles that are challenging yet accessible to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the improvement of oral health by providing a platform that encourages learning and reinforces good dental habits. As a team, we strive to continuously improve our dental crosswords and to ensure that they are enjoyable and beneficial to our users.

Our Visions


Unveiling the World of Dental Crosswords: A Journey through Oral Health and Knowledge.

In the realm of oral health education and entertainment, a captivating and intellectually stimulating activity has emerged—the dental crossword. This unique fusion of dental knowledge and the beloved crossword puzzle format has revolutionized how we engage with oral health topics. As an ardent enthusiast of dental crosswords, we have developed a vision for this innovative educational tool, which we are thrilled to share.

Meet our Dentist



Dr. Sheetal Bhattar
Dr. Nikita Maheshwari Agrawal